WordPress Weekend Bootcamp

3 Students, 2 Days, 3 Live websites.

Learn WordPress & build a live website over the weekend for only £245.

(includes 1-year free hosting*)

Date: Saturday (10am to 5pm) and Sunday (10am to 4pm) , August the 7th / 8th 
Location: Conwy, North Wales
Tutor: Mitchell Cowell
Price: £245 (includes 1-year FREE hosting worth £70)
Benefits: You will leave with a responsive, fast website ready to promote yourself or your business
BOOK NOW: There are only 3 places to maximise the learning experience. 
Contact Me: Mitchell Cowell on 07455 301263 or my email mitchell.cowell@gmail.com

Calling all artists, creators, authors, bloggers, brand builders and entrepreneurs.

If you want to get the most out of your website you should know how it works from the ground up. You should be able to add and change content when you need to, even be comfortable adding new features. Of course, you could pay a web designer to do this for you but you find that this can be timely and expensive. You should be the master of your website, it’s only you who cares about your enterprise be it your art, your views or your business. This Bootcamp helps you to TAKE CONTROL and to EMPOWER yourself.

WordPress is the world’s best and most popular website builder (37% of the web is built with it) and this hands-on course takes you through the basics, including installation and set up, to cover all the most useful features and tools WordPress offers. Whether you already have a site and want to manage it properly or are starting completely from scratch, this is the course for you.

What will you achieve at the WordPress Bootcamp?

You will leave with a responsive, fast website ready to promote yourself or your business and able to take payments from your website through Paypal. More importantly, you know every aspect of your website and how to update it, secure it, track visitors and post SEO friendly content. You will become your own WEBMASTER. 

Please visit my art display my (mitchellcowell.com) for a sample of the type and quality of the website you will be creating, here I blog my latest artworks and sell commission caricatures using a complex form with PayPal payments.

Our WordPress Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who…

  • Wants to create a website they can manage themselves
  • Already has or runs a WordPress site and wants to know how to manage it properly
  • Wants to know best practices and save time avoiding all the pitfalls and delays
  • Is frustrated with paying web developers to build and manage websites for them and wants to take back control!
  • Is an artist, creator or blogger
  • Small business owner
  • Startups 
  • Wants to earn additional income by building or selling websites
  • Wants a new career or a new skill to enhance their CV

You will learn to…

  • Set up and run a great website of your own
  • Add content, images and videos 
  • Learn how to install and use WordPress plugins proficiently.
  • Add structure and navigation menus
  • Layout design with the Gutenberg Block Editor 
  • Make your site search engine friendly
  • Add contact forms, maps and take payments
  • Add social networking and track visitors
  • Learn to add all the features and functionality you need to run and develop a fantastic website
  • Optimise your site for fast page load speeds
  • Secure your site from hackers
  • Add content on the go through the WordPress phone app.

and much, much more…

How the course works

  • Only 3 Students to maximise learning time
  • 2 Days to create a fast and responsive live website
  • Taught by an experienced web developer with over 30 years in the business
  • A relaxed environment at my residence in Conwy (free coffee and tea all day, I recommend bringing a packed lunch with you.)  
  • Please bring your own laptop: PC, Mac or Chromebook
  • WiFi and power sockets are provided
  • No experience is needed – WordPress is incredibly easy to pick up and you will be free to go at your own pace throughout the two days.
  • This is an intensive course and assumes a reasonable working knowledge of using computers and the internet, even if you have little or no prior knowledge of WordPress. If you are comfortable with using email, copy/paste, saving files/folders and navigating the internet, you should be fine! 
  • I recommend you pre organise some of your content, this is not essential but we will not have time to write content during the course.
  • After the course, you are welcome to stay around (or maybe go out for a well-deserved drink) for a further discussion with your trainer Mitchell and with each other, about WordPress, about your website and your business.
  • Post Bootcamp support packages are available

Get your own domain name

We can set your site up on any domain name of your choice, brand new or an existing one you already own. You can then keep the site after the course, hosted for free for one year.  After that, hosting is available from just £70 per year for our hosting package. You are also welcome to set up your own hosting account elsewhere.

 WordPress Training Course – Topics Covered

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Install, set up and update WordPress automatically
  • Admin Panel, Settings and Basic Configuration
  • Setting up a Gravatar avatar
  • The Gutenberg editor and using blocks
  • Creating pages and posts… and understanding the difference
  • Tips on layout and good design practices 
  • Sourcing, editing and uploading images
  • Optimise your site for fast loading speeds
  • Add videos from YouTube
  • Users, categories and links
  • Comments and avoiding spam
  • Organising your posts and articles into a blog
  • Add and customise the top navigation menus
  • Research, choose, upload, install and update the best plugins
  • Research, choose, upload, install and update the best themes
  • Customise themes with colours and navigation menus
  • Insert a logo that automatically links to the homepage
  • Add sidebar widgets for search, social media, static and dynamic content
  • Ensuring a responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Add advanced contact forms to receive visitors’ enquiries or payments.
  • Create a product/sales page and buy now button
  • Take easy online payments with PayPal
  • Automatically create search engine friendly XML sitemaps
  • Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugins to rank well
  • Security, stability and backing up
  • Track your visitors with Google Analytics
  • Facebook, Twitter and social networking integration
  • Legal Requirements, EU Cookie Policy and Data Protection
  • Adding sitemap, privacy policy and terms & conditions easily

Learn to update your website anywhere with the WordPress app.

Learn how to make your site SEO and social network friendly.

Learn how to make your site lightning fast, accessible and SEO friendly using best practices. above is the lighthouse score for mitchellcowell.com, the type of site you will be designing. 

Care Plan Report

Post course support packages availbe. 

About me your tutor (Mitchell Cowell)

Hi, I have been working in web design for over 25 years working with and for many SME’s businesses, I have also been employed at the University of Bangor, psychology department. I have lectured a postgraduate degree in web design and graphics for Dimension 10. Other teaching experiences include an evening web design course for Coleg Menai, and various web design workshops. I am currently working as a freelancer and help successfully help small businesses with their web presence. WordPress has been my main tool of choice for over 15 years, and I have wealth of experience with the technology. I look forward to teaching you the skills required to build and run your website.

Contact me to book your place or if you have any questions.

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